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January 2012
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Cumulative Impact of Mountaintop Mining Documented

Increased salinity and concentrations of trace elements in one West Virginia watershed have been tied directly to multiple surface coal mines upstream by a detailed new survey of stream chemistry. The Duke University team that conducted the study said it provides new evidence of the cumulative effects multiple mountaintop mining permits can have in a . . . → Read More: Cumulative Impact of Mountaintop Mining Documented

Willing Without (Fully) Knowing

By T. Thorn Coyle

Sometimes we must move forward into will without a full sense of knowing our desire. We have a subtle wish, or an unnameable yearning, or we just know there is destiny out there, somewhere. Or sometimes we are just dissatisfied and want something more. All of these point to, and can . . . → Read More: Willing Without (Fully) Knowing

Why Spirit Workers Are Like Zombies

By Sarah

If you want to be a spirit worker, you must die. Just like the child you were must die to become the adult, your human self must die to become a spirit worker. The initiated are half alive, half dead. We are souls stuck in between – not quite spirits and not quite . . . → Read More: Why Spirit Workers Are Like Zombies

Cultural continuity?

By Yewtree

People from other religions, and occasionally archaeologists, refer to contemporary Pagans as “neopagans”. I personally find this condescending. I have outlined the reasons for this before, in a blogpost entitled “Stop calling us NeoPagans”.

I think the reason “neopagan” bothers me so much is (1) the other terms that the prefix “neo”appears in; . . . → Read More: Cultural continuity?