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Androgynous Goddess

By David Salisbury

[Snip] Many mystics teach of the androgynous nature of God/dess and what that means for gender in humans. A book could be written (and many have!) on the gender of God, but I want to spit some words here about how the lines can become blurred.

Consider Athena. Her statues once stood tall above many others all over Greece. The heavy shield and spear at her side are symbols very representative of some of the most masculine deities of the time. Yet still, the owl of wisdom sits atop her shoulder as a gentle nod to the feminine powers of intuition and sight. She is the Warrior Queen, full of grace and dread. Her call is the trumpet of war and she tells us that it is ok to go to battle to fight for what is right, despite what the overculture wants you to just deal with.

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