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Sacrificial Confusion

By Uncle Thor

In the ancient times, rites and ceremonies were not isolated. They were held as part of a larger event. There was always a meal afterward. At large events with many people, animals were butchered just prior to cooking. Naturally, this meal was as much a part of the event as the rites. As such, butchering the food animals came under religious auspices. It was done differently than normal butchering because of the added religious element.

The availability of refrigeration and other methods of food preservation has freed us from the need to butcher our own animals. We acquire our meat from the supermarket and butcher shop. As the Gods are spiritual beings, they do not need us to sacrifice a living animal. That all started as a way to bring the first step of food preparation into the religious ceremony. Over the centuries, the sacrifice may have become something else, but its original intent was to bring all phases of the larger event into a religious context.

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