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White Witch

By Bronwyn Katzke

It may have been that when Gerald Gardner first took Wicca out of the broom closet and thrust it into the glaring light of the public eye that term ‘white witch’ was born. A term concocted by the first of modern day witches to reassure a predominately Christian public that they did not worship the Christian Satan; as if by adding ‘white’ to a term that was synonymous with the villain of many a fairytale would soften the public to accepting them as ‘good’ witches. But perhaps with decades of use and the commercialization of the New Age, those who used the term as a safeguard began to full it out, believing solely in all the ‘love and light’ they preached.

“I’m a white witch, and that means that I only do white magick that is good and for the benefit of others.” We’ve all come across that line, or ones similar, on online Pagan/New Age/Occult forums at one stage or another, usually accompanied by a profile picture of a unicorn, sparkling roses or something equally warm and fuzzy. Personally, I am suspicious of such people as no-one can be inherently good or bad.

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