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An interview with Glenys Livingstone of PaGaian

B. T. Newberg interviews Glenys Livingstone, leader of the PaGaian community of naturalistic spirituality, and author of PaGaian Cosmology

[Snip] B. T. Newberg: Let’s cut right to the chase. What makes PaGaian different from other Neopagan paths? Why should readers of Humanistic Paganism sit up and take notice?

Glenys Livingstone: PaGaian is understood as an “evolutionary” spirituality because it is grounded in the evolutionary story, and the practice of ritual at Seasonal points may celebrate that Cosmic unfolding as well as the regional phase of the year – there is not understood to be any separation of Creativity.

BTN: What do you mean by “no separation of Creativity?”

GL: The same Creativity that unfolds the Cosmos manifests in the extant Creativity of the Seasonal cycle, and in any cycle of being – including personal. All layers of Creativity may be celebrated at once – may be understood to be woven into each other.

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