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A Contemplative Season

By John Beckett

[Snip] In this world, the time between the secular New Year and Imbolc is the ideal time for a contemplative season.

If this is a season of contemplation, what should we contemplate? Start with your gods and goddesses, your ancestors, and the spirits of Nature. Talk to them. Make offerings to them. Most importantly, listen to them. Contemplate your families and communities – how can you better serve them this year? Contemplate your life and your calling – are you fulfilling your True Will?

How should we go about this contemplation?

First, emphasize your daily spiritual practice. Whatever you try to do every day, do it every day. For this season – not forever, not all year, but for these few weeks – let nothing short of a certifiable emergency keep you from daily meditation, prayer, reading, visualization and other spiritual practices. Don’t try to start something new and special, just give a heightened importance to the things you’re already doing.

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