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Cuba’s Santeria Priests on 2012

Upheaval, but No End of the World

A body of top Afro-Cuban priests is predicting a year of change and upheaval in 2012, but the group says fears the world will end are wrong.

In their annual New Year’s forecast, the priests warned the world could see more earthquakes and increased global warming, and they . . . → Read More: Cuba’s Santeria Priests on 2012

Pagan Community Center Launches with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

By David Salisbury

The Open Hearth Foundation observed the official launch of DC’s Pagan Community Center on New Year’s Eve with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a midnight countdown party. The center at 1502 Massachusetts Ave. SE is one of only a few Pagan community center’s in the country. More than a decade in the . . . → Read More: Pagan Community Center Launches with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Stone Age temple found in Orkney

800 years older than Stonehenge – and may be more important

A 5000-year-old temple in Orkney could be more important than Stonehenge, according to archaeologists.

The site, known as the Ness of Brodgar, was investigated by BBC2 documentary A History of Ancient Britain, with presenter Neil Oliver describing it as ‘the discovery of a . . . → Read More: Stone Age temple found in Orkney

The Light Personal Names Shed on Ancient Paganism

By K.M. Sheard

[Snip] The names that have come down to us from antiquity are very revealing. The best documented are those of ancient Rome. Roman civilization was by far the most structured, organized—and regulated—society prior to our own, and Roman names very potently reflect this. Citizenship was what mattered to a Roman, and names . . . → Read More: The Light Personal Names Shed on Ancient Paganism

The Hexagram

Who Knew Two Triangles Could Do So Much?

By Rebecca Elson

A hexagram, at its most simple, can be described as two interlocked equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star. That’s it. That is all it is. How the heck do two triangles accomplish so darn much? By diversifying.

First, we cannot discuss the hexagram . . . → Read More: The Hexagram

Athirat, Goddess of Creation

By Tess Dawson

A bare-chested woman graces a three-thousand five-hundred year-old ivory jar lid. Her full pleated skirt decorated with a riot of stripes and zigzags swirls about bare feet. Thick ringlets escape her coiffure and tantalizingly caress her shoulders. She holds her arms aloft, full of dignity and authority: in her hands she offers . . . → Read More: Athirat, Goddess of Creation