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The Christian Persecution Complex

By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

I’ve recently read, and commented on, a piece written by my Patheos Pagan Portal colleague K. C. Hulsman, “Christ is NOT the Reason for the Season.” While I would dispute a few of her details, on the whole it’s a good article, and apart from those details, it’s entirely factual to state that late December (the old date of Winter Solstice, in fact) being chosen as an arbitrary date for the otherwise unknown and uncertain birth of Jesus, and the appropriation of many non-Christian associations of the way the holiday is celebrated by Christians over the centuries, is something which Christians who insist that there is a factual element to their observances don’t realize, and can’t seem to get through their heads.

Of course, there are exceptions to this statement amongst some Christians, but we don’t hear about them very much, with the pseudo-news forces of Fox and the like both complaining about those who say “Happy Holidays” rather than expressing a greeting specific to their preferred holiday, while also saying that those businesses that do wish people their preferred holiday greeting are “just doing it for the money.” But, I leave that set of problems aside for the moment.

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