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Patron Deities

By Apollodorosh

[Snip] Countless misunderstandings about the term Patrons are being perpetuated on the internet on (neo)pagan fora and websites. Asking “Who is your Patron?” is a popular question here, and many take pride in sharing this. They make some fundamental errors though in regards to the matter. First, a less common mistake, but no less annoying, is the assumption of some people that the female word for Patron is Matron. This is completely erroneous. The Matrones were a specific group of Celtic Goddesses adopted into Gallo-Roman syncretism. They have nothing to do with the term Patron. The actual female form of Patron is Patroness. Hope I made that clear.

The largest misunderstanding however, from a Hellenic point of view, is the assumption that there is such a thing as a personal Patron, that if one has a special connection or relationship with a certain God(ess) or a few Gods, and that this make stem ones Patron(s). This is also false, there are not indications in ancient sources to suggest that anything like a personal Patron existed in the Hellenic religion at any stage of it’s development. The closest thing that one could consider is the Eautou Daímōn (One’s Own Daímōn), also known as a Genethlios Daímōn (Birth Daímōn), a kind of tutelary spirit that always stays with a person and guides that person throughout their lives, protecting them from harm. However, this too is not what a Patron is in the Hellenic sense.

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