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Apologies Have a Time and a Place

By Mark Ludwig Stinson

Do apologies have any value to modern heathens? In the simplest of terms, the vast majority of heathens believe that a meaningful apology that includes heartfelt regret, dedicated action to fix or mitigate the harm that was done, and a commitment not to cause the same harm again is a worthy approach to correcting harm you have done to another. The majority of heathens also believe very strongly that just saying “sorry” or expressing other regretful words without actually fixing a serious harm you have caused is an empty approach, and has little worth. Often, those that offer hollow apologies are likely to cause the same harm over and over again, because they have invested nothing in actually correcting their past harmful actions.

In transitioning from the modern majority culture in which we were raised to cultural values and a way of life based on the beliefs of our heathen Ancestors, there is always the risk of going too far. An area where heathens sometimes miss the mark, is in the area of apologies and correcting harm they have done to another. There are heathens that simply refuse to ever say the word “sorry” or offer what most people would regard an apology, regardless of the context. These heathens will offer to correct wrongs they have caused, but almost as a matter of principle they will very pointedly say, “But I’m not going to apologize for what I did.”

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