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K’ekchi Mayan Paganism

By Bob Makransky

In contrast to the Abrahamic religions (which include rationalistic-materialism: the pseudo-science practiced in capitalistic academia) , paganism isn’t a matter of beliefs, but rather of cognition. Paganism seeks to operate on an altogether different guidance system than thinking – namely, feeling; intuition; direct knowing. Paganism isn’t learned from books, but rather from relaxing, turning off the thinking mind, and tuning in to the messages of the plants; the wind; and the world around us.

Direct knowing is a more functional operating system for hunter-gatherers than is thinking (which became predominant when agriculture was invented) . As the earth continues to turn against us humans; and our materialistic society collapses as its short-term profit- (rather than long-term survival-) oriented mechanisms are increasingly unable to adequately respond to the crisis; this original form of cognition will revindicate itself. Either we humans will relearn how to rely upon feeling (direct knowing) rather than thinking to make our moment-to-moment decisions; or else we won’t survive as a species. We will either relearn how to listen to what the earth, our mother, is telling us; or else she will spit us out. This is what the much-vaunted coming transformation in consciousness is all about. The survivors of the coming holocaust (if there are any) will be the witches; and the new society they rebuild will be formed along pagan lines.

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