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12 Simple Steps for Going Green in 2012

From Worldwatch Institute

As we head into 2012, many of us will be resolving to lose those few extra pounds, save more money, or spend a few more hours with our families and friends. But there are also some resolutions we can make to make our lives a little greener. Each of us, especially in . . . → Read More: 12 Simple Steps for Going Green in 2012

Why New Year’s Eve noisemakers scare away evil spirits

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve revelers will make a great deal of noise with various noisemakers. There are paper party horns, cranks, rattles, maracas, poppers, kazoos, et cetera. It only seems like exuberance. Yet there is folklore behind all this noise.

Supposedly loud noise scares away evil. If evil spirits are . . . → Read More: Why New Year’s Eve noisemakers scare away evil spirits

Tarot as Cultural Text

By Camelia

Part of my academic research is dedicated to looking at Tarot as a cultural text. What does this mean? This means that I look at how the visual language of Tarot intersects with cultural precepts about a given phenomenon, a type, an archetype, a relation (of class, gender, race, sex), reality, magic, and . . . → Read More: Tarot as Cultural Text

Death Mask

Death, Wildflowers and Blood Mysteries

By Alkistis

[Snip] Let us begin with a journey, let us begin by taking the road that will lead us to the land of the Dead, where we will come face to face with the goddess of the Underworld herself.

The goddess of Death, who as Queen of Death . . . → Read More: Death Mask

The Christian Persecution Complex

By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

I’ve recently read, and commented on, a piece written by my Patheos Pagan Portal colleague K. C. Hulsman, “Christ is NOT the Reason for the Season.” While I would dispute a few of her details, on the whole it’s a good article, and apart from those details, it’s entirely factual . . . → Read More: The Christian Persecution Complex

How to Find a Teacher

By Drew Jacob

Someone once asked me how to find a teacher.

In my spiritual practice, I have been privileged to train with true masters. I think you should be able to, too.

A “master” means something to me. It doesn’t just mean they’re good people or they have a passion for their tradition. Those . . . → Read More: How to Find a Teacher

Pagan and American Individualism

By Gus diZerega

[Snip] Even in its secular guise, the traditional American model of an individual is deeply Protestant. From that perspective are individual atoms with firm boundaries and each having a unique relationship with God, a relationship for which we are ultimately entirely responsible. When this idea of an individual became secularized, it usually . . . → Read More: Pagan and American Individualism

Kuelap, Peru

Jen Ogilvie explores the Lost City of the Cloud People, a forgotten citadel perched between Andean civilisation and the wilds of Amazonia.

A hundred years ago, Hiram Bingham ‘discovered’ Machu Picchu. The site stunned the world and, splashed over the pages of National Geographic, quickly became one of our most iconic wonders. But nearly 70 . . . → Read More: Kuelap, Peru

Zero to Hero, Hero to Zero: In Search of the Classical Hero

Reviewed by Vincent Tomasso

The dust jacket of Zero to Hero, Hero to Zero offers an image of the Farnese Hercules, which is an interesting choice for this collection of essays on various aspects of heroism in the Classical world. On the one hand Hercules is the hero par excellence in his triumphs over the . . . → Read More: Zero to Hero, Hero to Zero: In Search of the Classical Hero

Patron Deities

By Apollodorosh

[Snip] Countless misunderstandings about the term Patrons are being perpetuated on the internet on (neo)pagan fora and websites. Asking “Who is your Patron?” is a popular question here, and many take pride in sharing this. They make some fundamental errors though in regards to the matter. First, a less common mistake, but no . . . → Read More: Patron Deities