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Coming Out as a Zimmelblob

By Fire Lyte

[Snip] If you ask a pagan to define the word ‘pagan, ’ you’ll most likely come across one of these answers:

1) A pejorative that used to mean country dweller and was akin to the word ‘hick’ used to describe folks that lived in the country and practiced the Old Ways, while the folks that lived in the city practiced the New Religion of Christianity.
2) A member of a polytheistic religion.
3) Some long-winded diatribe about how nobody really knows what a pagan is and that it means different things to different people, and – oh by the way – would you like a slice of patchouli granola pie? I picked it fresh this morning.
4) A member of any non-Abrahamic religion.

Sure. Ok. Fine. These definitions are all practical definitions, and they’re all practically crap. Yes. You read that right. Each of these 4 definitions is total bologna. Why? Because, still, none of these four definitions is telling me what a pagan is. It’s either giving me what it’s not, or giving me a vague notion of what it might be.

Don’t believe me? Ok. I’ll show you.

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1 comment to Coming Out as a Zimmelblob

  • avatar SamuelWagar

    Paganism is not a religion. It is a movement of more-or-less related religions. So of course the definition is fuzzy. Wicca is a religion, part of this broad and fuzzy movement (as is Druidry, Asatru, Vodoun, and likely the clump of religions that the British misnamed Hinduism)and so it has a definition that’s somewhat more precise.

    I would disagree with the definition of Wicca – I think it is “a Mystery religion of clergy practiced in closed Initiated groups, driving ideas and practices from esoteric orders, venerating both female and male deities through ritual that includes oracular and possession trance.” Praxis makes Perfect,rather than belief.