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Tending to the Flame of Brighid: Reconstructing an Order of Flame Tenders from Pre-Christian Ireland

By Micheál O’Miadhachain

Part I: Introduction

While the practice of tending a fire devoted and sacred to the Goddess Brighid is a very small piece of the entire puzzle of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, it presents as a very heated one which seems to stir up some very strong emotions.

This brief essay focuses on the process of establishing a modern order of flame tenders devoted to the Goddess Brighid, along with the inherent problems of such a process, from a pagan reconstructionist perspective. This essay in no way seeks to pass judgment on any established neo-pagan order of flame tenders but seeks to present what a Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan order of flame tenders might look like when the establishment of such an order is actually based upon the principles reconstructionist paganism.

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