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Paganism: A New Vision of Family

By Star Foster

[Snip] Among the many lessons I have learned since embracing Paganism is that family is not a fixed concept. It’s not a ready-made box set with pre-determined roles: here a father, here a mother, and there the biological children of the two. Family is made up of people who love you and are willing to invest bits of themselves in you, and vice-versa. Biology has nothing to do with it, neither does sexual orientation. I’ve had the chance to meet many kinds of Pagan families and most of them break the traditional mold. Even with Pagans who have good relationships with their biological families, they’ve often expanded their concept of family.

I’ve seen blended families from various ethnic backgrounds, families made up of entirely one gender, polyamorous families in various configurations, families made up of adults with no biological or romantic ties, and the list goes on. Family is made up of people who respect and love each other, and who want to be in a family relationship with each other. That is key, because biological family members don’t always want that even when love and respect are present. There are people I am related to biologically that have absolutely no desire to engage in a family relationship with me. They come to my neck of the woods without bothering to call, stop by or let me know they are here. That used to bother me.

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