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Let’s look into Deep Time

By Meical

What is Deep Time? According to various sources, Deep Time can best be described as Geologic Time. Hmm. That didn’t mean very much to me the first time I heard it, and I am not going to fall into the trap of defining a term just by calling it something else. So, I’m going to define Deep Time as “time enough that what may now appear improbable, becomes possible, likely or even expected.”

Think about it this way, if you give enough monkeys typewriters and if they type for long enough, eventually one of them will write something significant. Sure, that sounds improbable, but given enough time, anything’s possible!

Enough time, that’s what Deep Time is. Time enough to see change occur and to realize that change does not stop when we do. Time enough to let all the myriad impossibilities of this life and every other become true. Time enough to set aside the blinders of revealed truth and look into the face of the universe and recognize what is there.

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