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Is tradition important in the worship of Isis?

By Isidora

For me, there’s isn’t a yes-or-no answer to this question; rather, there’s a yes-and-no answer.

Yes, Tradition is Very Important

Without tradition, where do we even begin to think about Isis? How can we know Who She is for us if we don’t know Who She was for those who went before us? Without tradition, we have nowhere to begin as we try to come into relationship with Her. Without a knowledge of the symbols traditionally associated with Her, the stories traditionally told about Her (at least the ones of which we have records), how do we know we’re contacting Isis rather than a more generic Divine Feminine? Indeed, we may feel truly called to Isis as Isis—even without indepth study of ancient Egyptian religion and traditions. But then what do we do? How can we honor the Goddess Who calls us in a way that is most pleasing to Her? How can we honor Her in a way that will help us succeed in our heart’s desire of coming to know Her?

Tradition is our savior in this.

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