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Sexy Herbs

By OSusun S. Weed

[Snip]Oatstraw infusion is my favorite sexual tonic, for both men and women. It frees up, and thus increases, the amount of circulating testosterone. This aids lubrication, improves blood flow, increases stiffness, amps up interest, and heightens enjoyment. Postmenopausal women say oatstraw turns a vaginal desert into a flowing oasis. A cup or two a day helps lower cholesterol, too. Oaststraw counters environmental estrogens, too, decreasing cancer risk. For best results, alternate with red clover infusion to adjust hormones gently and build potency.

Schizandra berry (Schizandra chinensis) tincture (1–2 dropperfuls) or infusion (2–4 cups daily) strengthens the adrenals, counters inflammation, and increases sexual desire and vigor. It is a prized herb in China, long thought to preserve youth and sexual vigor, and to nourish the “waters of the genitals.” It helps us endure and function in harsh condition. Schizandra is thought to be especailly helpful those who have experienced sexual trauma. One hundred berries a day can help you keep your sexuality at its peak until the day you die.

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