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The Witches' Book of the Dead, by Christian Day

Reviewed by Star Foster

I don’t generally bother to review books I don’t think I’ll care for, especially with a stack of books I actually want to read waiting on me. Not being Christian Day’s biggest fan, I was reluctant to read The Witches’ Book of the Dead but I was intrigued by some of the reviews as much as I was repelled by others. So I read it, and here’s my opinion of it. Make of it what you will.

The Good

Overall, the book is good. Day has compiled an impressive amount of lore regarding necromancy and spirit communication throughout history. I found the stories and lore fascinating, and much of it was an enlightening, entertaining read. The book is worth a read for that reason alone.

Right off the bat he introduces the concept of blood magic/blood sacrifice, and throughout the book he emphasizes safe, reasonable ways to practice this. The use of human bodily fluids, especially blood, is very old and very effective in magic. This may be the best presentation I have seen of that in a book.

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