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Magick 101 # 6.3.3: The Formulation of the Pentagrams

By Donald Michael Kraig

[Snip] To reach this point of the LBRP, you should have completed the section called The Kabalistic Cross. You end up facing East with your hands folded at your chest, the blade pointing up, and a powerful sensation of the blending of energy from the Divine with your own energy. In this part of the ritual we draw the magickal circle.

Step One:
Go to the easternmost area of the magickal circle you are forming. If you cannot actually move to the physical east, imagine/visualize yourself moving to the edge of the area where your circle will be. Draw the pentagram in the air in front of you as previously described. See it as being brilliant, electric blue. Inhale, feeling/sensing/believing/knowing that with your inhalation you are drawing energy through your nose and mouth, going through your body and down to the center of the earth. At the same time, bring both hands to the side of your head by your ears, pointing forward with your left hand and either pointing forward with the dagger in your right hand or, if you don’t have a dagger, simply point forward.

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