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Practical Magic and Popular Culture

By John

AODA Archdruid John Michael Greer has a new blog post titled “A Lesson in Practical Magic.” Like most of his Archdruid Reports, this entry follows the theme of Peak Oil. But this one deals primarily with Joséphin Péladan, a French writer and occultist of the late 19th century. Péladan is an interesting character – go read John Michael’s description of him.

My interest deals primarily with one of Péladan’s principles for becoming an effective magic worker. Greer translates it (from French to English and from 1892 to 2011) by saying “the first of those principles is to limit and control the channels by which the mainstream media and their wholly owned subsidiary, public opinion, get access to your nervous system.”

Like a fish in water, the mainstream culture surrounds us and envelops us to the point we forget it is there. We forget we live in a consumerist society: the point of all this culture is to sell us something, or more precisely, to get us to buy what they’re selling.

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