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Tarot: Predictive Readings

By Barbara Moore

[Snip] My personal philosophy about predicting the future is that it is a lot like predicting the weather. Things are trending in a certain direction. Events have been set in motion. By looking had what’s going on now and what energy from the past is still playing a role, we can tell with some certainty what will happen next. But actions and decisions and random chance can change the course of events. As with a weather forecast, the next day’s is usually pretty accurate. The seven-day forecast, not so much. That’s because so many things can happen between now and then to change the forecast.

Whatever your philosophy, predicting the future is neither completely beneficial nor entirely damaging. As you think about your own world view and practices, consider the following pros and cons. The cons may help you decide to not predict events or they may encourage you to think of ways to include predictions in your readings in the most useful ways possible.

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