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Skadi, Viking Goddess of Winter

By Fiana Sidhe

As we move toward the cold darkness of winter, we enter the dark Goddess Skadi’s realm. Skadi is the Viking Goddess of winter. Her name is said to mean shadow or shade. She is the Queen of the shades.

She is a huntress, a dark magician, a giantess Goddess, ruling especially over mountains, wilderness, winter, revenge, knowledge, damage, justice, and independence. It is said that she gifted hunters with the bow and the skill to use it. The scythe, wolves and venomous snakes are sacred to her. Also sacred to her are skates, skis and snowshoes. She often did her hunting while on skis. All of Scandinavia is named after the Goddess Skadi, and she is said to dwell in the high snow-covered mountains there.

Skadi is the daughter of the giant Thiazi. In one of her myths, her father Thiazi kidnaped the Goddess of youth, and then was killed by the Aesir who came to rescue the Youth Goddess. Skadi then went after the Aesir to get revenge for the death of her father.

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