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Magick 101 # 6.3.2: The Names that Charge the Pentagrams

By Donald Michael Kraig

In previous posts I’ve discussed the value of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and its first section known as the Kabalistic Cross. In the previous post of this series (LINK) I discussed how to form the pentagrams and the importance of circumambulating as part of the ritual. I’d like to clarify by pointing out that not everyone has the room to actually move around in a circle. Some people will need to simply face one direction and then pivot 90° clockwise while standing in position. This is fine, if you simultaneously visualize yourself moving in an actual circle in order to form the protective barrier and enclosing the vortex of power you are creating.

In the formulation of the pentagrams it is appropriate to vibrate the God names you use to charge and empower the pentagrams. I described this technique in a previous post. . . . That leads us to a discussion of the meaning of these God names.

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