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Paganism: No longer a ‘Religion of Clergy’

By Erebos

[Snip] The thing that seems to hold contemporary Paganism back is the very same thing which has always held it back, except that it isn’t even real as in many ways the growth of Paganism as a “religion” has and is being held back by a self-fulfilling prophecy, a “communal myth”.

This “communal myth”, holds that contemporary Pagans are so independent that they can not, and will not, stand together to form a workable Pagan structure. I call it a “communal myth” because I firmly believe that the only reason Paganism has failed to become an organised and functioning entity is that Pagans tend to wallow in their inept independence, and simply refuse to recognise that there are structures that do not limit what individuals can believe or practice.

Mention the words structure, leadership and clergy, and Pagans cannot help but think of the “church model’, and reject any reference to it instantly. This model has, however, certain advantages: it offers consistent initial education as well as a measure for excellence; and presents a way that enables elders to offer their work as clergy members, teachers, organisers and community leaders in an organised and professional fashion. An organised structure would in fact also provide a more economical and sustainable way for people to study contemporary Paganism without spending huge amounts of hard-earned cash on books and ill-presented courses and classes.

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