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City of Ravens, by Boria Sax

Reviewed by BadWitch

[Snip] London is also the City of Ravens according to a new book of that name.

Author Boria Sax explains that although the etymology of the word London isn’t entirely clear, it could be a Roman version of the Celtic name “Lugdunum”, which translates as “the town of the god Lugh” or “the town of ravens”. Also, according to legend, the head of Bran was buried in London, on the site where the Tower of London now stands.

A well known omen associated with this come from the idea that the ravens that inhabit the Tower of London are connected with Bran the Blessed. While Bran’s head is considered to be an ancestral guardian of England, the ravens guard the land too. If the ravens ever leave the Tower, England will fall – or so the story goes. For this reason, ravens with their wings clipped – to stop them from flying away – are kept at the Tower, looked after by a guard with the wonderful title of Ravenmaster.

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