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October 2011
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Magick 101 # 6.3.1: Understanding the Formulation of the Pentagrams

By Donald Michael Kraig

[Snip] Over the years, I’ve seen people draw the pentagrams in a variety of ways. I’ve seen large ones and small ones. I’ve seen them drawn in different ways (according to a group’s elemental associations) and I’ve seen them made in a circled form. All of the variation is due to a combination of egotism on the part of group leaders (“We have the real, secret knowledge!”) or what I call, “the telephone sales problem.”

Telephone Sales

Yes, I’ve worked doing telephones sales. It’s very challenging and you have to be willing to hear “NO!” dozens of times or more just to make a sale. Have you ever wondered how it works? Here’s what happens:

When you’re hired, you’re given a script to read. A first, it’s uncomfortable and hard to make sound natural. I’ll bet you’ve heard people on the phone who aren’t talking to you, but are reading something. After a few days or a week or two, you become familiar with the script and your sales increase.

But something isn’t right. The words aren’t really you. So you change a few words in the script and your sales increase. You change a few more and your sales continue to increase. You keep doing this until your sales start to fall.

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