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Why Initiation Made Me Love Solitary Wicca

by Star Foster


Even if my initiation wasn’t oathbound, I still really couldn’t tell you about it. Some human experiences can’t be effectively communicated. I’d imagine giving birth or losing a loved one to a wasting disease are good examples of those kinds of experiences. You can talk about them all you want, but it’s not really going to give someone who hasn’t had the experience an accurate picture of what that experience is like. My telling you exactly what happened would be like my telling you it was dark, or there were candles present: it isn’t actually going to convey what I went through.

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1 comment to Why Initiation Made Me Love Solitary Wicca

  • As the blogger says, a good intiation is a life altering event, a bad one is the same. There is a very simple test to tell which way it’s going to go and that’s a simple as WHY those doing the initiation are doing so. Sadly it’s often because THEY need it, you’re a tick on score card or a progression in thier ‘path to power’.

    My personal initiation was Ok, but I’ve seen too many done poorly, wrong or with little if any thought. Consider the source when intitiating and remember.. it’s not a race and no one is keeping score.