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Why I Love Wicca

By Star Foster

I am a Wiccan. Wicca is a form of religious Witchcraft, and I love it dearly. I didn’t always love it. For a few years I desperately tried to find another Pagan path that spoke to me. Yet I came back to Wicca, though at the time I was not enamoured of it’s history and skeptical of it’s theology. I was an eclectic solitary Wiccan, now a traditional Craft student, and soon to be an initiate of a Wiccan tradition.

[Snip] We are a religion of many sects, many cults, many expressions. From the “hard Gards” to the solitary eclectics weaving their own magic. We are each full of the same awe, wonder, mystery, and joy. We cast the circle, call the elements, honor the Gods, celebrate the Mystery and send our energy to make a positive change in the world. This happens in rituals containing hundreds of people. This happens silently in candlelit bedrooms of closeted solitaries. Our words may be different, our mythos vary and the details be different, but as Wiccans we are all calling forth the same Mystery. Maybe this Mystery is something passed down in secret from the ancient Pagans of England and Italy, maybe the distillation of the grimoire tradition, the torch of the Neo-Platonists passed down over the centuries, or a bit of divine inspiration as a goaty old man in England crafted a new Eleusis out of thin air.

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