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Death and Dying

By Ray Buckland

[Snip] If you expect to “die” when you die, you’ll be disappointed. The only thing dying does for you is to release you from the shell that was the physical you, and to give you the complete freedom that is Spirit. When you die, you lose your body; that’s all there is to it. You are not your body; that is just something you wore for a while.

In 1961 there was a very detailed study published by Dr. Karlis Otis. It was called Deathbed Observations by Physicians and Nurses and included the experiences of 10,000 professionals. Some of the conclusions drawn were as follows:

  • • The dying often go into inexplicable exaltation just before death.
    • They see visions of apparitions to a much greater extent than people who are not dying.
    • Usually these apparitions are of others who have already died, though sometimes they are of living or religious persons.
    • These visions cannot be attributed to drugs or medication.
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