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On the treatment of deities (mini rant)

By Patch

Have you ever experienced a ritual, either in a group or alone; where god(s) are invoked, and you just know they haven’t shown up? Sometimes, no matter what you do, they aren’t going to make an appearance, i’m sure they’ve got lots to do.

Other times, it really is no surprise that they aren’t showing.

I attended a rite last month that involved the apparently random invocation of 4 unrelated deities (both to each other and to the rite) for which I can only assume was because they were ‘witchy’. They were called to attend the rite…and then promptly ignored. There wasn’t any mention of them in the rite until the end, the rite was not specifically for them; nor were they invoked to assist. There weren’t any propitiatory offering or even a ‘welcome‘.

Needless to say, It is with a reasonable amount of certainty that I can say those gods didn’t show.

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