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Spiriting away Democracy

By Literata

A group of conservative Christians who want to make the US into a theocracy are “laying siege” to Washington DC with “spiritual warfare” – why this matters and what you can do.

This article is full of links both to give readers the opportunity to get a fuller background on what I discuss and because some readers may find it almost unbelievable that this is taking place. If there is anything here without a reference for which you would like one, please ask in the comments and I will do my best to provide. I have not linked to the websites of the people peddling violent rhetoric, but some of the links here will lead you to them through one or two layers of connection.

[Snip] Restriction of women’s rights is only the tip of the iceberg. As they gain more influence and control in government, NAR-associated leaders have advocated for the US to adopt their interpretation of Mosaic law from the Old Testament, which includes the death penalty for people who engage in gay or lesbian sex, or any sex outside of hetero marriage (including adultery), people who break the Sabbath, people who blaspheme, and even disobedient children. Fred points out, though, that they wouldn’t adopt the parts of the Old Testament law code that try to ensure social justice and prevent poverty, probably because the NAR has made some apostles and prophets quite a tidy sum.

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