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September 2011
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Near-Death Experiences Explained

By Benjamin Radford

Do you believe in life after death?

Many people believe in ghosts and heaven, and about three in 100 Americans report actually having near-death experiences. These typically include an awareness of being dead, out-of-body experiences, meeting dead people, entering tunnels of light, and so on.

But these are stories and anecdotes; what . . . → Read More: Near-Death Experiences Explained

Science and Religion Do Mix?

Only 15 Percent of Scientists at Major Research Universities See Religion and Science Always in Conflict

Throughout history, science and religion have appeared as being in perpetual conflict, but a new study by Rice University suggests that only a minority of scientists at major research universities see religion and science as requiring distinct boundaries.

“When . . . → Read More: Science and Religion Do Mix?

Spiriting away Democracy

By Literata

A group of conservative Christians who want to make the US into a theocracy are “laying siege” to Washington DC with “spiritual warfare” – why this matters and what you can do.

This article is full of links both to give readers the opportunity to get a fuller background on what I discuss . . . → Read More: Spiriting away Democracy

Christian-Pagan Couples Counseling

By Teo Bishop

Pagans don’t want to accept the possibility that the Christian god is real. Doing so might open us up to a diatribe about salvation, our inherent sinfulness, or our “need for conversion”. We’ve had that talk a time or two, and – thank you – we’ll pass.

Christians are of the “One . . . → Read More: Christian-Pagan Couples Counseling

The Three Experiences of Initiation

By Donald Michael Kraig

Initiation is one of the most valuable experiences in any person’s life. Many religions have initiatory rituals such as Confirmation, Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, and so forth. Generally, initiations are one of two types: initiation into a tradition and initiation into a group. For example, a person might be Baptized into the . . . → Read More: The Three Experiences of Initiation

Crossing and Uncrossing

The following is an excerpt from The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, by Denise Alvarado, currently being edited for publication by Weiser Books.

[Snip] Simply put, crossing refers to spiritual works that cause harm or bad luck, while uncrossing refers to works that reverse it. A number of products are used to aid in putting an end . . . → Read More: Crossing and Uncrossing