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Paganism’s 30-second Infomercial

By Thalassa

Its inevitable…if you are at all publicly Pagan, there will be some point in time where you will be called upon to explain what Paganism is in general and perhaps even what you believe specifically. It might be from someone that is honestly curious or it might be from someone that is already convinced that you are a devil worshiper. Either way (and everything in between) you are now responsible (by default) for disseminating good information (as in factual and complete) in a way that is conversationally appropriate (short, sweet, clear, and positive). In this moment you have become a spokesperson for Paganism–you never know, you might be the *only* person this person has ever known to be Pagan, and now their entire opinion will be based upon their interaction with you and the information you provide them. A bit daunting, yeah?

[Snip] What the heck do you say and how do you say it when someone puts you on the spot and inquires about “that Pagan thing”…in 30 seconds (or less)?

You may have heard the same sort of thing entitled an “elevator speech”, or the “30-second commercial”…its a common term, generally mentioned in the context of job hunting, where it is designed to act as a way for you to sell yourself to prospective employers. The main difference between the personal 30-second commercial and our 30-second Pagan infomercial (other than the fact that you aren’t trying to get a job) is that we should be seeking to appropriately inform while ‘selling’ the idea that we are just everyday people with a different religious opinion.

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