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Jelly beans made from human DNA?

By Andrew Marszal

Reports last week that researchers could be just six months away from producing the world’s first artificial meat, using thousands of stem cells bred in a laboratory, sent a wave of fascination around the world. Yet there is an even more ghoulish prospect ahead: the idea of eating artificial food made from humans.

This may sound like science fiction, yet a new technique for making gelatin from human DNA is attracting “increasing interest from research and industrial circles”, according to a new study by scientists from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The paper, published recently in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, revealed that successful experiments had been carried out in which human genes were inserted into a strain of yeast to “grow” large amounts of recombinant (genetically engineered) human gelatin.

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2 comments to Jelly beans made from human DNA?

  • Welcome Soilent Green.. don’t need people though we now have ‘Stem Cells’ and can grow as much as we are willing to feed it. Question is what will it eat to grow?

  • avatar Makarios

    Reminds me of STNG, where the food was produced by replicators. Presumably, a vegan would be able to eat replicated meat in good conscience.

    By the way, I did not receive an email notifying me of your comment (although I did get one re. your PM)