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The Witches’ Shield

nullBy Glaux

The first thing to consider when building a magic shield is what you will be using it for. You will want to create a barrier that allows your own energy through unimpeded while offering you strong protection from outside influence. You may want to have a shield that surrounds you like a bubble (this is my personal space) or you may choose to have one that is tighter against your person, like armor. You will want your shield to be easy to “put on”, so you may want to key it to a symbol that is easy to visualize.

One way to achieve this effect is through the use of pentagrams, triangles, and hexagrams (which are two triangles united). Pentagrams are used in magic whenever a portal needs to be cut. Pentagrams are charged with specific intent in order to let a certain energy or intelligence come through them. Examples of this include the use of pentagrams to call in intelligences during the LBRP, or the tracing or a pentagram over the body of the Priestess during the ceremony of Drawing Down the Moon. Pentagrams can be used in the visualization of your shield anywhere you would prefer to allow energy to pass through one-way.

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