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Migration in Progress

(Update 2011/9/4)

The migration process is nearing completion.  Some bugs to hunt, training for staff, forusm to create and re-think.  Not to mention a consideration of which Plug-ins we need right away.

Here’s a brief summary of what happening:

  • Users are ported but only to February 2011. If you’re newer than that re-create your account.. not like I could move your forum posts anyways. You should still have your avatars, registration date but will need to generate a NEW password which will be sent to your email as listed in your account.  If you changed/lost your email addresses send Achriel a message (or
  • The majority of the Reference Section is available thought some formatting has gone a tad wonky.  You can see the catagories (simpified) above.
  • News is all imported (back to 2003) in a smaller catagory of ‘News’ and the type of news will be identifiable by the Tags in the article.
  • Forums are working and more will be added.  Post will not be migrated (it’s just too evil)
  • Galleries are there.. but.. I have no idea how they work but I did get a picture up.  LadyHawke can figure that out I have other fish to fry right now.
  • Old site now has a 10 second auto-forward.  Up can go get ol dpost to copy over, just use the ‘Stop’ button of your browser to avoid redirection.

That the update for today.. when I port in the News that will change how most everything appears.  Here’s the stuff on the ‘To Do’ lisat:

  • Private Messaging between users
  • Staff suggestions for added control & features
  • User suggestions as to additional functionality

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