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Should Pagans Be Survivalists?

By Star Foster

When Pagans practice survivalism, stocking up food and non-electric equipment, it’s generally for two very sensible reasons: it’s what their ancestors did, and it’s insurance against an uncertain economy. We watch the news. We know what the unemployment rate looks like. We know how bad the job market is, we all know people who are out of work and we all know people who are struggling.

Paganism is about examining your life, being realistic about your material, spiritual and emotional needs, and honoring the past by looking towards the future. While I don’t think Pagans should build bomb shelters and start reckoning against a possible doomsday, stocking your pantry to give yourself some added security in an uncertain economy sounds pretty Pagan to me.

Exercise prudence, foresee the future, do not trust fortune, be well off as a mortal, do not be discontented by life, do not trust wealth, pursue what is profitable, benefit yourself, and despise strife are also all Delphic Maxims. One thing to remember is that having a full pantry is not a selfish pursuit. Despite the differences between ancient Pagan cultures, and the differences between modern Pagan religions, it is a universal truth that being able to give a meal to a guest is a deed worthy of honor.

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