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How To Host a Drum Circle

By Patti Wigington

Drum circles are a lot of fun, and if you’ve ever attended a public Pagan or Wiccan event, chances are good that somewhere, someone is drumming. You may not be able to see them, but you’ll feel that pulsing rhythm off in the distance. In addition to being entertaining (and a great stress reliever), a drum circle serves another purpose – that of raising energy. Typically what happens is something like this:

Here’s How:

1. First, one or two people will sit down with their drums. Usually, they’re experienced drummers, but not always. One will begin a slow, steady beat, and the other will chime in with something a bit faster and more up-tempo. Eventually, other people will notice that there’s something going on, and they’ll join in, each playing their own rhythm and beat. A few more people may be intrigued, and join in with rhythmic clapping, stomping of the feet, or other sounds. A few folks might start dancing. What’s really magical about this is that there’s hardly any verbal communication

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