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I don’t understand monotheism

There’s just something about monotheism I never understood.

A friend recently linked me to an essay, that comes around to the old tired polytheism/monotheism comparison to organisms, and suggesting that not all birds with wide bills and webbed feet are ducks — some are swans, and some are geese, and so just because an entity is Divine doesn’t make it a god. This unfortunate metaphor, though, ignores that in the Family if Anatidae, there are many subfamilies, genii, and species that include hundreds of species of ducks, geese, and swans. The fairer comparison would be that monotheism takes, say, Mallards, and declares their species The One True Duck, and all other ducks are False Ducks. (If we’re talking Zoroastrian-style monotheism, all other species of duck are variant faces of The One True Duck, and their existence as separate is an illusion. In this sense, Zoroastrians are argueably not “true” monotheists, but simply taking “soft polytheism” or perhaps Platonic philosophy’s “One” to its logical extreme. Some schools of Hindu belief also subscribe to this sort of Extreme Soft Polytheism, but I digress.)

While I can be tolerant of the monotheist who can only see his Mallards, my tolerance only really goes as far as my own religion being tolerated and respected. Furthermore, over the years, I’ve been witness to many in pagan and polytheist communities adopting an approach of “all religions must be tolerated, therefore all religions are right”, which, if such phraseology is taken at face value, seems to be a thought that simply cannot be held by one who is truly polytheistic, at least not with added thoughts to reconcile this conflict and inconsistent logic.

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