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The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru – Honour

By Karl Andresson

I have already elaborated on honour when discussing courage, personally it is one of the most important of the NNV to me and I will touch on it in most of my posts. Honour is definitely one of the NNV that is the most open to interpretation. Most will say that courage and honour go hand-in-hand and that is true, but the two are not mutually exclusive. Some would say that ones honour is ones reputation, that is also true to an extent. To me being honourable means to be of worth and to be an example of integrity.

This is where the notions of Courage and Truth intertwine for me, since without these two virtues I believe that Honour is not possible. Courage is the bravery to do what is right and to act in spite of fear. Whereas Truth is the willingness to be honest and to say what one knows to be true and right. When you are courageous and truthful, then honourability is yours. When you are courageous in your doings, especially in the pursuit of truth, then honour will follow you.

In social settings, your internal honour becomes your outward reputation. The problem with only seeing your honour as your reputation is that this honour can be sullied and diminished by outside forces whether your internal honour undergoes change or not.

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