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Qabbalah and Power of the God Names

By Frater Barrabbas

Now that we have reviewed the various God Names as found in the Qabbalah, and examined their sources and shown how they can be compared to pagan pantheons, we can review the use of these names in a kind of magickal system devoid of ritual or ceremony. It is an internalized kind of theurgy, so it would be more like a form of Hermetic magick, such as that espoused by the likes of Giordano Bruno. Yet this system of magick, however simplistic and direct, requires a far greater connectivity to the Godhead than any other system, because it is performed through the Godhead and calls on the specific channels of emanation.

The basic premise for this magickal system is that the vibration of the various God Names can produce a powerful effect if done periodically for a specific mundane purpose. That purpose would, of course, have to be completely ethical and unselfish. Performing this kind of magick for purely selfish and unethical means could either foment a terrible backlash, or cause the student to damage or destroy his all-important alignment to the One. Either situation would be catastrophic for the student, representing a profound setback of months or even years of patient work. As it is understood in most folklore, even the greatest sage doesn’t take up the Name of the Deity in vain, but only does so with the purest intent and for the greater good. So it should be for anyone who seeks to use this system of magick.

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