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Playing Card Symbolism Revealed

The Secret Identity of the King of Diamonds

Playing cards are used for games and gambling, where one interacts directly with chance (or fate). Gambling with cards can be either a blessing or ruin lives. They are used for amazing magic tricks, pretending supernatural powers. In cartomancy they are sparks for the intuition and may even foretell the future. And they are powerful symbolic representations for numerology.

There are commonly recognized correspondences with playing cards:

• 4 suits for the 4 seasons
• 52 cards for the weeks in the year
• 13 cards in each suit match the 13 lunar months
• 365 days in the years (add the pips)

The modern deck is based on the French design, or as we know it today the English deck. These designs have pretty much stayed the same, following an original pattern, regardless of the maker. The exact shape of the pip or the design of the face cards’ colorful wardrobe may differ, but the essential elements remain the same. Card manufacturers simply follow a traditional design. But is there any hidden meaning in these designs?

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