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Sacred Pagan Sites in Berlin – Hel’s Pond

By K. C. Hulsman

In the Tempelhof area of Berlin (so named for a Templar Knights community that existed there in medieval times), look for the Alboinplatz area which has a small public park and plaza. The park contains a small pond as a remnant of what was once a vast lake carved out by ancient glaciers. While the ancient lake, and vast forests that would have densely populated the site in pagan times is long gone, the quaint dark waters of the pond still offer a connection to the Goddess.

According to local folk tradition, there was a sacrificial stone altar beside the great lake tended by a pagan priest, and Hel (who was believed to dwell at the bottom of the lake) would send up black bulls that emerged from the water. These bulls would help the priest clear the land, and work it. The land itself was blessed, and would provide plenty of grain that kept the priest well fed.

But as the priest grew old, he took it as a sign when one day a Christian monk appeared at the lake that his time on Midgard was ending. He asked the holy man to continue to look after the place of sacrifice. But after the pagan priest had passed from the world of the living the monk refused to honor a pagan Goddess. Hel was greatly displeased and sent Her bulls foaming up from the water after the monk, and the monk was killed. Since then, it is said in some versions of the local folk tales that instead of waiting for others to sacrifice to Her in an age of Christianity, that the Goddess Herself lures victims to Her holy waters, and takes them as drowned sacrifices.

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