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Religion and DNA

Is a folk religion really a matter of DNA? Or are most people just more interested in their own ancestors and ancestor cultures than in somebody else’s?

By Steven Thor Abell

The perennial squabble within Ásatrú/Heathenry is over the so-called Folkish Assertion, which claims that pantheons and peoples develop together and belong to each other exclusively. The strong version of the Folkish Assertion is that this belonging operates in people through their DNA.

Before we go on, I need to make the standard disclaimer here: the Folkish Assertion says nothing about anyone being automatically better than anyone else, whether because of their religion or their DNA. Folkishness is not Racism, although there are some racists who use the Folkish Assertion as camouflage. If this distinction is not clear to you, look at it this way: a Folkish person might easily have friends of different races, while a Racist person would not. A Folkish person might say, “This pantheon and religion belong to me and my people, and it is good for me. There is a different pantheon and religion that belong to you and your people, and that is good for you. Now, come and have a beer.” A Racist person might say, “This pantheon and religion belong to me and my people, and it is yet another reason why I am better than you. Now, get away from me.” I have seen it written elsewhere that Folkishness is a synonym for Multiculturalism. That may be so. And I’ll write here that Racism is a synonym for Being A Jerk. But you already knew that.

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