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Dead Things on the Altar

By Juniper

I am always on the look out for feathers. If I wore a bumper sticker on my butt it would say “I stop for animal parts.” I have piles of feathers. My altar is decorated with not only feathers but also a clump of squirrel fur, deer fur, horse hair, antler tips, an actual rack of alters, leather, hide, teeth, bones and skulls. The newest editions to the family are a full crow’s wing and feet.

Animal parts make up a large portion of my ritual and magickal tools, to quote a friend of mine; “There are dead things on that altar”, enough that it’s a challenge to teach my young cat to stay off. My response to my friend was that she also has dead things on her altar; sticks, leaves, decomposing plant matter, dried flowers, acorns that will never become trees. She insisted that it is different to have a branch from a tree than a bone from a bear.

At a talk given by Judika Illes a couple of years ago she pointed out that tomatoes don’t want to be ripped from the vine. It’s just that we can’t hear them scream, unless you really try, unless you’re really attuned to the Land and that tomato plant. Of course, if you are that attuned, you’ve probably made sure to give the appropriate offerings and thanks and have explained to the tomato plant why it must be this way.

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