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Preparing a Temple Space

By Chirotus Infinitum

Most neopagans will develop some sort of magical practice, and a few will engage in this practice regularly and consistently. There are several good reasons to develop such a regular practice, and possible a couple not to. The decision to engage in such a practice will need to be considered at length, and such a commitment should not be taken lightly, but it is not my intent to engage in such issues. Rather, we shall address a more practical matter: once you’ve made the decision to do such work, where do you do it?

Setting up a home temple for magical or even devotional work is not in itself a difficult process, although there are some basic considerations to make. First, you must select a space to use. If you have enough space that you can have a dedicated space or room to use only as a temple, then you are incredibly fortunate, and the only thing to consider is if you’re sure that you want to use up this space for this purpose. Otherwise, your temple space may be shared with other working spaces in your home, or may even need to be a temporary set-up that can be taken down (and possibly even hidden) when not in use. Issues such as the layout of your home and living arrangements such as roommates will obviously come into play here.

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