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Qabbalah, the Four Worlds and the Human Spirit

By Frater Barrabbas

We have already covered the mysterious process of creation that explained how the material world and everything in it was created from nothing, or actually, a form of proto-matter. We saw the stages that showed how the unmanifest Godhead as the Ein Sof became the manifest Godhead of the Ehieh (I am). However, there is another way of looking at the process of emanation and creation, and that is through the Four Qabbalistic Worlds. These four worlds are analogous to other similar structures, in that they show the layers or striations of the planes of being – from the inner planes to the outer physical world. Besides, when magicians and mystics talk about various angels and spirits, where do you think they reside? After all, they have to exist somewhere!

Occultists in the previous age thought that spirits lived in the air, and that heaven was in the sky just beyond the clouds. Of course, we now know that to be false, there isn’t any material location for spirits or other “invisible” entities to reside other than the same space that we occupy. I am reminded of what the Gnostic Jesus said to his disciples in the Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom of Heaven is all around you, but you cannot see it.” The four worlds exist concurrently, but each has a specific density that is more refined and ethereal as one progresses up the planes of existence. That would mean that the highest plane would have the least degree of material substance, and would exist in the most tenuous and barely perceptible state, at least as far as the average person is concerned. The highest plane would also be far more abstract and nearly formless, as compared to the lowest level. What we are talking about here are literally, worlds within worlds, each integral and supporting the other.

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