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Qabbalah, Creation and the Mysteries of the Unmanifest Deity – Pt. 1

By Frater Barrabbas

Jewish theology proposed that God created the world and all it contains in six stages (called days), and at the end (the seventh stage), he rested, marking this point as the cosmic Sabbath. Christianity and Islam have both adopted this creation myth, and so it has powerfully impacted our culture, and the thoughts and imagination of even modern people. Some will perceive this as a myth, others, as the literal truth.

Whether or not one believes in physical evolution or divine creation, the story of the creation of the world is generally taken as an allegory by most rabbinic scholars and teachers. This is because they believe that the allegory veils the greater truth, which can’t be known. It’s my opinion that more can be learned by seeing this story as an allegory than attempting to somehow explain the actual creation of the physical universe using mythic themes and symbols, rather than scientifically provable theories. This is where taking a literal approach to Biblical interpretation can lead one terribly astray, and that the Bible should be accepted as the written wisdom, myth and folklore of a specific people, adapted and extended to become the sacred scriptures of two world religions. This is also where the occultist has a particular advantage, since then the Bible is seen as containing many layers of myth and meaning, with an added hidden inner layer of spiritual significance, obscured and veiled by the obvious plot and story.

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