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History of Qabbalah – Moses Cordovero

By Frater Barrabbas

Moses Cordovero – born 1522, died 1570 – was a resident of Safed in Palestine. Little is known about Cordovero’s actual birthplace, but it was likely somewhere in Spain, undoubtably due to his family name. Cordovero was something of a remarkably intelligent man, having written his first monumental work when he was only 27 years old. His teachers were Joseph Caro and Solomon Alkabez, but he soon eclipsed them in his mastery of the arcane subject, the Qabbalah. It must be recalled that Safed became the safe haven for the Spanish qabbalists, and it was here that the Classical Qabbalah was developed to the point that modern occultists would recognize it today. With such a small community featuring such a large collection of great minds, it’s no wonder that they produced a tremendous flowering of qabbalistic and metaphysical speculation. The great works of the middle ages wrought by the Gerona, Castile and Toledo qabbalistic schools was brought to a whole new level of refinement and synthesis, and one of the leading minds in that work was Moses Cordovero. He wrote two major works, the “Pardes Rimmonim,” and the “Elimah Rabbati.” These works were published in the 1590’s in Cracow, likely promoting and preserving Cordovero’s work amongst the Hassidic communities in Eastern Europe. One can also assume that these works were also read and studied by Christian savants as well.

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